Scouts – Spring 2

Here are the dates for the next term session for Scouts:

24 February, Scout Night – Sort of a forum night.

3 March, Astronomy – Star gazing and stuff, mostly looking up.

10 March, Meteorologist – Linked to last week, but meteorites and samples involved J

17 March, DIY – Wiring Landing Lights, Ring versus radial circuits etc. (NOTE- ALL LOW VOLTAGE!)

24 March, Boating Skills – Usual preparation for the start of the sailing season.

31 March, Electronics 2 – Bit more theory, but also actually making stuff this time.

7 April, St Georges Day preparation & Games – St Georges day is actually on 23 April.

We also have some Sailing dates organised, all at Tewksbury:

29th  April

13th May

20th May

3rd June

24th June

15th July

16th September

7th October.

I’m hoping to organise some maintenance dates soon, but they depend on the weather.As soon as I have a plan I will let you all know.