Recent changes 19th June 2015

Hi All,

Our Scout Leader, Stew, has decided to take a break from Scouts. We will very much miss him but are pleased he will be around for Sailing.

Going forward the Scout team will be led by Andy Elliott. He will be taking over as from this Friday and I hope you will give him as much support as you would give Stew. Andy’s number is 07877 211600.

The Water Activities team has decided to lower the age for Sailing and kayaking to include 9 year olds that can swim 50m. In the coming weeks we will be emailing parents of eligible age cubs to see if they would like to join in. All cubs over 10 years old will be invited to join whether or not they can swim 50m.

Kev will be dealing with all of the administration for the Water Activities team and will be sending out invites and taking in payments. These will not be taken on the day of sailing anymore as it is incredibly busy as it is with the activities, parents will be invited to pay their donation into the bank or at the Scout/ Cub hall the week before.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else please let me or Kev know.

Shell Vaughan
Group Scout Leader – 15th Gloucester (St Peter’s) Sea Scouts
ACC Inclusion Gloucestershire
07963 603725