Scouts – Autumn 1

So, a new term starts on Friday (8th September), and we have
7 weeks in the term! The plan for evenings is as follows:

8/9 Welcome Back – We will have a report on the recent trip to Bournemouth Air Show by those who attended. Normally this involves lots of pictures of scouts getting extremely wet! – then a few games to get back in the groove.

15/9 Camping Hints ‘n’ Tips’ – Starting to prepare for an overnight “Bivvy” camp where Scouts will make their own shelters to spend the night in.

22/9 Overnight Preparation – Continuing from last week, introducing a few tools for the overnight.

29/9 Navy Days – Nautical terms and traditions. Why is a head a head?

6/10 Rope MakingThis time using a machine! 

13/10 Communication – Introduction to different ways of communicating, ready for next weeks JOTI/JOTA.

20/10 JOTI/JOTA – OFFSITE! We will be at Murray Hall for the start of the JOTI/JOTA event over the weekend. This will involve talking to Scouts all over the world via internet and radio. There is the option to stay overnight on the Friday.

Overnights :

23rd and 24th September – At Murray Hall – Bivvy Camping. £8 per Scout.

20th and 21st October – At Murray Hall. JOTI/JOTA event. Price to be confirmed.

Sailing :

16th September, Morning only at Tewksbury.

7th October, All Day at Tewksbury.