Scouts – Summer 1

So, a new term starts on Friday (28th April), and we only have
5 weeks in the term! So a very short one. The plan for evenings
is as follows:

28/4 Local Area Exploration. – We will be having a look around the local area of Hempstead.
Making maps and looking for possible Waypoints for future use.
5/5 Camp Preparation – Looking at what to bring, how to pack. All the β€œBoring” stuff πŸ˜‰
12/5 Group Camp Starts – We will be OFFSITE at Trac, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.
More info will be circulated about how this will work.
19/5 Pioneering – We have just come into possession of some decent pioneering type poles.
So, full size pioneering for a change.
26/5 JumpTastic – OFFSITE. Group evening at Jump Tastic.

In addition to the above, a small group are also going to be attending the RN Summer Camp
Between the 27 May and 3rd of June. If we play our cards right, this may become an annual Event!